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Entity TypeField NameTypeDescription
itemrepoStringThe name of the repository in which this item is stored
pathStringThe full path associated with this item
nameStringThe name of the item
createdDateWhen the item was created
modifiedDateWhen File system timestamp indicating when the item was last modified
updatedDateWhen the item was last updateduploaded to a repository.
created_byStringThe name of the item owner
modified_byStringThe name of the last user that modified the item

The item type (file/folder/any).

If type is not specified in the query, the default type searched for is file

depthintThe depth of the item in the path from the root folder
original_md5StringThe item's md5 hash code when it was originally uploaded
actual_md5StringThe item's current md5 hash code
original_sha1StringThe item's sha1 hash code when it was originally uploaded
actual_sha1StringThe item's current sha1 hash code
sizelongThe item's size on disk