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File Statistics

Description: Item statistics record the number of times an item was downloaded, last download date and last downloader. Supported by local and local-cached repositories.
 Requires read privileges
 GET /api/storage/{repoKey}/{item-path}?stats
Produces: application/
Sample Output:


Description: Attach properties to an item (file or folder). When a folder is used property attachment is recursive by default.
In order to supply special characters (comma (,), backslash(\), pipe(|), equals(=)) as key/value you must add a backslash (\) before them. For example: ..?properties=a=1\=1 will attach key a with 1=1 as value.
To specify multiple properties, you can separate the items in one of the following ways:

  • Use a semicolon - ; (recommended)Use the encoding for the pipe ("|") character - %7C
  • Configure NGINX to encode  URLs so that if an unencoded pipe is used in the URL, NGINX will encode it to %7C. We recommend that you verify that this configuration does not break any other systems served by NGINX