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JFrog Artifactory 5.x User Guide

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Artifactory provides several Search Types ways for you can use to search for artifacts in the Search Artifacts module:

  • Quick Search: Search by artifact file name.
  • Package: Search for artifacts according to the criteria specific to the package format.
  • Archive EntriesArchive Search: Search for files that reside within archives (e.g. within a jar file).
  • Package Search: Search for artifacts according to their GAVC specification.
  • Property Search: Search for artifacts based on names and values of properties assigned to them.
  • Checksum Search: Search for artifacts based on their checksum value.
  • JCenterRemote Search: Search for artifacts in Bintray's JCenter repository.
  • Trash Can: Search for artifacts in Artifactory's trash can

Additional advanced search features are available through the REST API.

Search in Artifactory provides true real-time results that always reflect the current state of the repository with no need to periodically rebuild indexes. Therefore, search results will immediately show any artifacts deployed, and will not show any artifacts removed. The * and ? wildcards are supported in your search term to help you narrow down your search. After conducting a search, you can hover over any result item for available actions such as:

Download the artifact
Show in Tree
Displays the artifact within the Tree Browser where you can view its full details
Delete the artifact
titleUsing wildcards

When searching with the Artifactory UI, Artifactory performs prefix matching for search terms in all the different search modes. For example, searching for jfrog is equivalent to searching for jfrog*. You can still use the * and ? wildcards by placing in your search term in double-quotes to help you narrow down your search (for example, "a*.jar").

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The different search features are available in the Search modulethe Artifacts module above the Artifact Repository BrowserTo start a search, simply select the search method you want to use.


Each search method offers a set of input fields corresponding to the type of search you have selected to help narrow down your search. For example. In addition, you can always narrow down your search by Selecting Limit toSpecific Repositories as one of your search criteriaclicking Search Specific Repositories.In the table that is displayed, you can select the specific repositories that your search should be limited to. Use the Filter field to help display repositories you are looking for.

Searching specific repositories


titleCase Sensitive

For all searches, the search term is case-sensitive.