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titleSynchronizing authentication details for repositories with the same URL

If you have repository definitions (either for deployment or download) that use the same URL, Maven takes the authentication details (from the corresponding server definition) of the first repository encountered and uses it for the life-time of the running build for all repositories with the same URL. This may cause authentication to fail (producing 401 errors for downloads or deployment) if you are using different authentication details for the respective repositories. This is inherent Maven behavior and can only be solved by using the same authentication details for all repository definitions with the same URL in your settings.xml.

Forcing Authentication on Virtual Maven Repositories

Artifactory supports Maven repositories with Allow Anonymous Access enabled by default and will not query the Maven client for authentication parameters. 
If you want to enforce authentication you need to explicitly instruct Artifactory to request authentication parameters.

In the New or Edit Repository dialog of the Maven virtual repositories, select the Force Authentication check box.

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When ‘Force Authentication’ is selected, Artifactory will request authentication parameters from the Maven client before trying to access this repository.


Deploying Artifacts Through Artifactory