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Create the following repositories:

Repository nameDescription/Instructions

A Remote repository.

Set the repository URL to point to the virtual directory configured in your IIS below. (For the example on this page we will use http://localhost/symbols)


A Remote repository.

Set the repository URL to point to the Microsoft Symbol Server URL:


A virtual repository.

Configure this repository to aggregates the other two repositories, resolving from microsoft-symbols-IIS first. Once configured, this repository will aggregate all the NuGet packages with symbol (.pdb) files.

titleMake this a NuGet repository

Be sure to specify NuGet as the Package Type for this repository

Install the Artifactory Symbol Server Plugin

The Artifactory Symbol Server Plugin listens for requests for symbol files and then redirects them to the Microsoft Symbol Server.

Download the Artifactory Symbol Server Plugin from GitHub and install it in your $ARTIFACTORY-HOME\etc\plugin directory.


  • Click Add on the right side of the window fill in the fields as follows:

    File name extension.pdb
    MIME type



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