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titleNpm 'slash' character encoding

By default, the npm client encodes slash characters ('/') to their ASCII representation ("%2f") before communicating with the npm registry. If you are running Tomcat as your HTTP container (the default for Artifactory), this generates an "HTTP 400" error since Tomcat does not allow encoded slashes by default. To avoid this error when using npm scope In order work with npm scoped packages, you can override override this default behavior by defining the following property in the catalina.properties file of your Tomcat:


Note that since Artifactory version 4.4.3, the bundled Tomcat is configured by default to enable encoded slashes. If you are using a previous version you will need to adjust the Tomcat property above.

titleURL decoding and reverse proxy

If Artifactory is running behind a reverse proxy, make sure to disable URL decoding on the proxy itself in order to work with npm scope packages.

For Apache, add the "AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode" directive inside the <VirtualHost *:xxx> block.