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Repository Layout

Before you start creating remote repositories, you need to create a custom VCS repositories require an appropriate repository layout to support a more hierarchical layout of the cached items.

To use a hierarchical layout for your repository, you should can either use the built-in vcs-default layout that comes with Artifactory out-of-the-box, or define a Custom Layout. This will ensure that different maintenance features like Version Cleanup will work correctly.

Defining a Custom Layout for your repository is an optional step, however it is recommended to do so since it allows Artifactory to perform different maintenance tasks such as Version Cleanup automatically.

titleRepository layout is optional

Once a remote repository is created you cannot change it's layout so we recommend that you define it beforehand.

titleBuilt-in Custom Layout: vcs-default

Artifactory comes with a custom 's built-in default layout for VCS repositories built-in out-of-the-box (vcs-default) which will can work with  both both GitHub and BitBucket. 


Below is an example of a Custom Layout named vcs-default:
VCS Repository Layout