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Standalone installations: there are two ways to migrate your filestore over to your S3 provider. 

Automatic Filestore Migration (Recommended)

To make sure your filestore migration completes successfully without corrupting files, we recommend configuring Artifactory to do this migration for you automatically:

To do so, you need to create the following links in $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/eventual/ (create it if the eventual folder does not exist - it is created automatically when the eventual binary provider is applied via an Artifactory restart with an updated binarystore.xml):

  • A link with the name _add  that points to the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/filestore directory
  • A link with the name _pre that points to the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/_pre directory

With this setting, as soon as Artifactory starts up, it will automatically move your complete filestore over to your S3 provider.


To migrate your filestore manually, you need to execute the following steps:

  • Stop Artifactory
  • Copy the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/data/filestore directory to your S3 object storage to the bucket name and path specified when you configured Artifactory to use S3.
  • Start Artifactory