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When changing the database for an existing installation you must first perform a Full System Export using the "Exclude Content" option. Once your new database is set up and configured, you will import this data to re-populate your Artifactory metadata content. 

Make sure to backup your current Artifactory system before updating to a new database. You will need your Artifactory instance to be disconnected from the network to avoid usage during this procedure.


Setup the New Database

To setup your new database you need to perform the following steps:

  • Create a database instance
  • Create an Artifactory user for the database
  • Install the appropriate JDBC driver
  • Copy the relevant database configuration file
  • Configure the corresponding db.properties file.
  • Start Artifactory
  • Import the metadata using Full System Import 

These steps are fully detailed in the specific documentation page for each of the supported databases listed in the Overview.