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File Statistics

Description: Item statistics record the number of times an item was downloaded, last download date and last downloader. Supported by local and local-cached repositories.
 Requires read privileges
 GET /api/storage/{repoKey}/{item-path}?stats
Produces: application/vnd.org.jfrog.storage.StatsInfo+json
Sample Output:


Code Block
POST /api/system/verifyconnection
  +  "endpoint" : "<The URL that Artifactory should connect to>",
  -  "username" : "<Username to be used for the connection test>",
  -  "password" : "<Password to be used for the connection test>"

Produces: textapplication/plainjsonSample Output:

Code Block
Code Block
Upon success (200):
200 Successfully connected to endpoint
Upon error, returns 400 along with a JSON object that contains the error returned from the other system.
Possible error messages:
401: Endpoint required authentication credentials that were not provided
403: Forbidden. The provided credentials may not be sufficient
404: Not found

Sample Output:

Code Block
  "errors" : [ 
    		"status" : 400,
	    	"message" : "Received error from endpoint url: HTTP 401: 
				{\n  \"errors\" : [ 
						\n    \"status\" : 401,
						\n    \"message\" : \"Bad credentials\"\n  
					} ]
  } ]


General Configuration

Description: Get the general configuration (artifactory.config.xml).
Since: 2.2.0
Security: Requires a valid admin user
Usage: GET /api/system/configuration
Produces: application/xml (http://www.jfrog.org/xsd/artifactory-v1_7_3.xsd)
Sample Output: