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File Statistics

Description: Item statistics record the number of times an item was downloaded, last download date and last downloader. Supported by local and local-cached repositories.
 Requires read privileges
 GET /api/storage/{repoKey}/{item-path}?stats
Produces: application/vnd.org.jfrog.storage.StatsInfo+json
Sample Output:


Code Block
	"publish" : "<true | false>" 				// Default: true. If true, artifacts are published when deployed to Bintray
	"overrideExistingFiles" : "<true | false>" 	// Default: false. If true, Artifactory overwrites files already existing in the target path in Bintray. 
												// Existing version attributes are also overridden if defined in the distribution repository Advanced Configuration
	"gpgPassphrase" : "<passphrase>" 			// If specified, Artifactory will GPG sign the version deployed to Bintray and apply the specified passphrase
	"async" : "<true | false>" 						// Default: false. If true, the artifact will be distributed asynchronously. Errors and warnings may be viewed in the log file
	"targetRepo" : "<targetDistributionRepo>",  // The Distribution Repository into which artifacts should be deployed
	"packagesRepoPaths" : ["<localRepdistributionRepo/path>"<localRepo/path/to/distribute>", "<distRepo/path/to/distribute>"]  	// An array of local or distribution repositories and corresponding paths to artifacts that should be deployed to the specified target repository in Bintray
	"dryRun" : "<true | false>"					// Default: false. If true, distribution is only simulated. No files are actually moved.