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Issue IDDescriptionAffected From VersionFix Version
RTFACT-13870Deploying artifacts larger than 100MB in size when using an S3 compatible storage provider can fail leading to unpredictable results.

JFrog Mission Control reload plugin may get into a loop.

Note that as a workaround this plugin can be removed since it is no longer used if working with Artifactory version 5.0.0 or above.

RTFACT-13923Artifactory might not start up following an upgrade to version 5.x on Windows when Artifactory is configured with a Keystore5.

Most downloaded widget in Artifactory home can cause the DB to stall.

When viewing Smart Remote Repositories in the tree browser, folders under the repository that contain a space in their names, will not expand.

RTFACT-8194'docker pull' fails on remote repositories when 'Store Artifacts Locally' is disabled.3.9.0 

'npm install' fails when all of the following conditions occur together:

  • You are trying to resolve a scoped package from a virtual repository and,
  • The scoped package is actually hosted under one of the remote repositories aggregated by the virtual repository and,
  • That remote repository has 'Store artifacts locally' disabled.
RTFACT-13004When trying to retrieve an item's properties from Docker V2 repositories using the /api/storage REST API endpoint, a 401 error is returned to the client.3.4.2 

'docker pull' does not enforce include / exclude patterns on virtual Docker repositories.


Python metadata calculation will fail if the Python metadata version is set to 1.2 inside the METADATA or PKG-INFO files.


NuGet virtual repositories that aggregate more than one local or remote repository may omit results when searching for a package

RTFACT-10132'NuGet install' does not enforce include / exclude patterns on virtual NuGet repositories2.5.0 


When all artifacts have been deleted from a folder, the folder is not pushed to the pruning queue even though it is empty, and is, therefore, not deleted.

RTFACT-12260When performing a full system export on an instance with blacked out repositories, and then doing a corresponding import on a target instance, the content and metadata of the blacked out repositories are not imported.2.0.0 
RTFACT-12934A Maven virtual repository does not return the correct latest snapshot if another package with the same version number exists in a different repository.2.0.0 
RTFACT-12959Anonymous users cannot download folders even if anonymous access is enabled.2.0.0 

Uploading a file containing a dot in the target path will fail and a 500 error will be returned to the client

Note: The maven-site-plugin creates upload URLs containing a dot. Therefore, uploading artifacts through the plugin is currently not supported

RTFACT-9343Promoting Build Info that contains a dependency or an artifact that has the same checksum of an item that already exists may result in a race condition for the same target path.2.0.0