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Note: This space is for Artifactory 2.0.
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"Drop the War" (Dedicated or Shared Instance)

Artifactory can be installed under Tomcat by simply dropping the artifactory.war file into Tomcat's webapps folder.
It is recommended you also set the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME environment variable (otherwise $HOME/.artifactory will be used).
The $ARTIFACTORY_HOME directory will be created automatically the first time you run Artifactory and populated with default configuration files.

Automatic Installation (Dedicated Instance Only)

Alternatively, you can use the automated install script to set up a dedicated Tomcat server for Artifactory.

  • These instructions have been verified against Tomcat 6, but should work on Tomcat 5 with minor adjustments.
  • You can change the directory names to your liking but you'd need to adjust the install scripts accordingly (currently directory names are hard-coded).
  1. Extract the Apache Tomcat download under /opt/tomcat/artifactory.
  2. Extract Artifactory standalone /opt/artifactory/current
  3. Run (or edit and run) the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/bin/ script.
    The script will do the following:
    • Run the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/bin/ script.
    • Replace /etc/init.d/artifactory with $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/misc/Tomcat/artifactory.
    • Replace tomcat's conf/server.xml with $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/misc/Tomcat/server.xml (change its ports if you wish)
    • Create under Tomcat the conf/Catalina/localhost directory and copy the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/misc/Tomcat/artifactory.xml into it.
    • Replace tomcat's bin/ with $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/misc/Tomcat/
    • Change the Tomcat home owner : chown -R artifactory /opt/tomcat/artifactory

      The script will change the default Tomcat configuration files and is intended to be used on a newly installed Tomcat only.

  4. Start tomcat service artifactory start or /etc/init.d/artifactory start
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