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ReleaseBundle resource specifies a set of artifacts in Artifactory that are distributed to Artifactory Edge nodes as a JFrog Distribution Release Bundle. This resource can be used with CreateReleaseBundle, SignReleaseBundle or DistributeReleaseBundle. This resource can be used to represent both signed and unsigned Release Bundle.  


  - name: 		<string>
    type: 		ReleaseBundle
      sourceDistribution:   distributionIntegration
      name: 				<string>
      version: 				<string>
      isSigned: 			<boolean>
  • name -- should be an easy to remember text string

  • type -- set to ReleaseBundle

  • configuration
    • sourceDistribution -- name of the Distribution Integration from where the ReleaseBundle is created
    • name -- Name of the release bundle
    • version –- version number of the release bundle

    • isSigned –- Indicates if the release bundle is signed or not

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