A site, in Mission Control, represents a set of managed services grouped into geographical locations. This gives you an easy way to identify the various services managed by Mission Control according to their physical proximity to each other and manage them as a group. 

The site explorer is your landing page into Mission Control and can present your sites either on a map or as a list. You can toggle between these two views with the toggle at the top right corner of the screen.

Map View

List View

Managing a site

Creating, editing and deleting a site can be done in the Map View from the Actions menu and in the List View.

A site that contains services cannot be deleted. All services needs to be removed 1st and than delete the site.

Map View

List View

Creating a Site

To create a new site, click "Create Site" in the List View or select "Create Site" from the Actions menu in the Map View.

Site Name
A logical name for the site.
A description of the site (optional).
The name of the city in which the site is located. You can specify more than one site in a city.

Viewing a Site

The site page allows you to view details on the services within a site. 

It is sectioned into three parts:

Services List
All services within the site. Select a service from the list to highlight it in the connections diagram below.
Click on a specific service to view its service page.
Connections Diagram

A visual representation of the connections between the services, and connections to external services in other sites.
Hover over the connections and services to view additional details such as replication type and service status.

External Connections

Displays a list of other sites that have services connected to services in this site. In the example below, JFIL is a site that has 2 service connections to services in the GCP-EU site.

Selecting Services within a Site

To view details on a specific service in a site, select it from the Service List or directly from the Connections view. Hover over the service to see additional details on it.

Filtering Services within a Site

To find a service within a site, filter it by type and name.