JFrog Artifactory Edge (an "Edge node") service is an edition of JFrog Artifactory whose available features have been customized to serve the primary purpose of distributing software.
In the Services module, the Edge service is tagged with an Edge icon  and provides the same information as an Artifactory service excluding the replication tab. For more information, see Artifactory Edge.

Viewing the Edge Service



Storage Summary

The Storage Summary tab displays information about the number of binaries and the storage volume they occupy. For full details, please refer to Monitoring Storage in the Artifactory documentation.


The License tab provides information on the license with which the service is activated.

The license status.
Artifactory identifier
The Artifactory identifier.
License Hash
A hash code of the license.
Licensed To
The organization registered as owning the installed license
Valid Through
The date at which the license's validity will lapse.
License Type
Specifies if the license is Pro, Enterprise (HA), or Enterprise+, Edge

Task Summary

The Task Summary tab displays information on all running tasks on the selected Edge instance. This information can be used for advanced analysis of events or issues that may occur in the selected instance.

System Info

The System Info tab displays the full set of system properties and environment variables for the selected Edge service.


Viewing Edge Service Trends

For general information on Mission Control service trends, see Viewing Service Trends.

Distribution Trend

The Distribution trend displays the total number of distributions of your release bundles by its status completed and failed per Artifactory Edge. Distribution trends allows you to understand if the Distribution process is working. In the right pane, User can view all the distributions from all RT services to this edge. 

Storage Utilization Trend

The Storage Utilization trend displays the storage data statistics on the Artifactory including total storage and breakdown according to a specific repository. You can view storage data according to Storage Size or Growth by moving between the Storage size\Growth slider.

In the example above, you can see the storage utilization trend for the last month for all the repositories. The left pane shows additional information including total storage used and an artifacts count. A list of the top ten repositories is displayed with their Storage size and Artifact count. This allows you to track storage usage and take the preventative actions while taking into the status of each of the repositories.

Adding the Edge Service

From the Services page, click Add Services and select Artifactory (default). The Aritfactory will be assigned as an Edge service based on the license you assigned.