To distribute release bundles, JFrog Distribution must be connected to a JFrog Mission Control instance. This is automatically done when both Distribution and Mission Control services are in the same JPD. If your Mission Control instance is part of another JPD, you'll need to manually register it in Distribution.

JFrog Subscription Levels


Registering Mission Control

On restart, Distribution will first attempt to connect to a local Mission Control within its JPD. If it does not have one, it will continue to search for any connected Mission Control from another JPD.

To connect Mission Control outside the JPD to Distribution:

  1. Make sure that a circle of trust has been established between the two JPDs.
  2. Fetch the (public) router URL for the Mission Control JPD. This is usually the base URL of the JPD.
  3. Register the Mission Control URL in Distribution using the following REST API:

    curl -X POST http://<Distribution’s JPD>:8082/distribution/api/v1/system/mc/register -u<admin>:<password> -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"url": "http://<MC’s JPD>:8082"}'

To register a different Mission Control, use the above REST API to overwrite any previously registered Mission Control instances.