Artifactory 7.7 has been enhanced to support open metrics. To enable metrics, make the following configuration changes to the Artifactory System YAML.

        enabled: true

Once this configuration is done and application is restarted, the Get the Open Metrics for Artifactory will be available and return the following metrics in Open Metrics format.


Supported Open Metrics




Total CPU used by the artifactory process


Total Disk used by the application (Home directory)


Total Disk free
jfrt_artifacts_gc_duration_secondsTime taken by a GC run
jfrt_artifacts_gc_binaries_totalNumber of binaries removed by a GC run
jfrt_artifacts_gc_size_cleaned_bytesSpace reclaimed by a GC run
jfrt_artifacts_gc_current_size_bytesSpace occupied by Binaries after a GC run (Only for FULL GC runs)
jfrt_runtime_heap_freememory_bytesAvailable free memory for JVM 
jfrt_runtime_heap_maxmemory_bytesMaximum memory configured for JVM
jfrt_runtime_heap_totalmemory_bytesTotal memory configured for JVM memory
jfrt_runtime_heap_processors_totalTotal number of processors for JVM memory
jfrt_db_connections_active_totalTotal number of active total DB connections
jfrt_db_connections_idle_totalTotal number of idle DB connections
jfrt_db_connections_max_active_totalTotal number of maximum DB connections
jfrt_db_connections_min_idle_totalTotal number of min idle DB connections

Total number of available outbound HTTP connections

jfrt_http_connections_leased_totalTotal number of available leased HTTP connections
jfrt_http_connections_pending_totalTotal number of available pending HTTP connections
jfrt_http_connections_max_totalTotal number of maximum HTTP connections
  • artifactory_metrics.log will contain system metrics such as: 
      • Total disk space used
      • Total disk space free
      • Time CPU is used by the process
      • JVM available memory
      • JVM number of processors
      • DB number of active, idle, max and min connections
      • HTTP number of available, leased, pending and max connections
  • artifactory_metrics_events.log will contain deduplicated metrics related to an event such as a GC run.