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JFrog takes the privacy and security of its customers very seriously and always strives to provide prompt notification and remediation of any vulnerabilities discovered on JFrog products. As a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), JFrog assigns CVE identification numbers to newly discovered security vulnerabilities.



JFrog Artifactory prior to version 7.25.4 (Enterprise+ deployments only), is vulnerable to Blind SQL  Injection by a low privileged authenticated user due to incomplete validation when performing an SQL query.Artifactory
  • Versions prior to 7.25.4
  • Versions prior to 6.23.30


JFrog Artifactory prior to7.29.3 and 6.23.38, is vulnerable to Broken Access Control, a low-privileged user is able to delete other known users OAuth token, which will force a reauthentication on an active session or in the next UI session.Artifactory
  • Versions prior to 7.29.3
  • Versions prior to 6.23.38


JFrog Artifactory prior to 7.31.10, is vulnerable to Broken Access Control where a project admin user is able to list all available repository names due to insufficient permission validation.Artifactory
  • Versions prior to 7.31.10


JFrog Artifactory prior to 7.36.1 and 6.23.41, is vulnerable to Insecure Deserialization of untrusted data which can lead to DoS, Privilege Escalation, and Remote Code Execution when a specially crafted request is sent by a low privileged authenticated user due to insufficient validation of a user-provided serialized object.Artifactory
  • Versions prior to 7.36.1
  • Versions prior to 6.34.41