Similar to the case for Bintray users, an organization on the Open Source plan may not own premium repositories. To own premium repositories, an organization must first be converted by upgrading it to a premium plan. If you attempt to upgrade a repository, owned by an organization on the Open Source plan, Bintray will prompt you to upgrade the organization to Pro or Enterprise by selecting a premium plan.


You can upgrade any of the repositories in your account (or an organization account you are administrating) to be premium at any time. If you wish to control  access to the repository, you can also specify it as a private repository.  

How to Upgrade an Organization

To upgrade an organization to a premium plan, you must be the organization owner or a member with the proper authorization. This can be done from the corresponding organization page through the upgrade link displayed or by going to the Pricing page.

How to Upgrade a Repository  

You can upgrade a repository to premium from the corresponding repository page
…or from it’s Edit Repository page.
Since upgrading a repository can not be reversed, Bintray will ask you to confirm this action.
When a repository is initially converted to premium, it is still accessible to anyone for reading. To configure access to the repository, please refer to Teams and Permissions.