Bintray allows you to view how many times a certain package or version has been downloaded, when the download occurred and where the downloader was located. This information indicates which packages or versions are recommended, popular or dealwithcommonly-used functionalities, so you can make a more informed decision about what you should download and use. You can also use this info as feedback about your own packages and versions.

With a Premium account you can get even more detailed stats. With Live Logs, you can view details of downloads as they happen in a live download feed, and with Download Logs you can view the full access history of a package showing uploads, downloads and deletes.

To view the stats of a package or a version:

  1. In the relevant Package page, select the Statistics tab.

    By default, the relevant information is displayed as a bar chart showing data for the last 30 days.

  2. You can change the date range by selecting the Date range field. You can select one of the preset ranges (1 Year, 30 Days, 7 Days, 24hrs or 2hrs), or specify your own range by selecting the "from" and "to" dates in the calendar displayed.

  3. You can also click one of the graph icons to select a different Graph Type for display. When viewing package statistics, the numbers are color coded by version. Hovering above a segment of a bar (for a package) or a bar (for a version) shows the version,dateand number of download

    For packages only, there is the further option of filtering the viewed stats by version. Clicking the version color codes located below the bar graph toggles whether they are displayed or not.

    Note: Depending on the choice of the owner of the package, the statistics for some of the packages might not show the numbers, if the owner does not want people to know how many downloads there were of their packages and versions. In this case, the graphs of different types only reveal relative info (which countries downloaded more than others or which version was downloaded more than others) but not absolute numbers. This option is determined by the checkbox Make Download Numbers in Stats Public, in the Package Details form of the Edit Package  page.

Live Logs 

The Live Logs tab displays the last 500 downloads from the selected repository and is updated in real time as downloads occur.

To view a live download feed for a package or a version:

  1. In the relevant Package page or Version page, select the Statistics tab. If the package or version is in a Premium repository, you can now select the Live Logs tab to display the live download feed.

    The live feed displays the following information:

    • Time: The date and time of access.

    • IP Address: The IP address of the computer that accessed Bintray.

    • Host: The host name of the computer from Bintray was accessed.

    • Organization: The organization to which the IP address from which the Bintray was accessed.

    • Path: The path within the repository of the file that was accessed.

    • File Size: The size of the file that was accessed.

    • Username: The username of the user that accessed Bintray.

    • User Agent: The user agent of the browser from which Bintray was accessed.

    • Country: The country from which Bintray was accessed.

    • Region: The region from which Bintray was accessed.

    • ZIP Code: The ZIP code from which Bintray was accessed.

You can click on any value in the live download feed table to filter out any records with a different value. For example, if you click an IP Address, only records with the same IP address will be displayed. Click the same field again in any record to cancel the filter.

Download Logs

The Download Logs tab displays a list of zipped log files in both text and csv formats. These are daily log files that display detailed information about uploads, downloads and delete operations on a daily basis.

To download a daily log file for a package or a version:

  1. In the relevant Package page or Version page, select the Statistics tab. If the package or version is in a Premium repository, you can now select the Download Logs tab to display the list of log files. To download a log file, simply click on it.

  1. The download log files provide the same information as the Live Logs, and in addition, the following fields: 

    • callback_id: An applicative identifier for the request.

    • http_method: The HTTP method used to issue the request to Bintray (for example, GET, POST, DELETE etc.).

    • http_status: The response returned by Bintray for the request submitted.

    • referrer: The URL from which the user was directed to Bintray.