At the heart of Bintray interaction is the ability to communicate with other Bintray members and to receive updates about the status of the Bintray community.

Bintray enables you to provide information (state your opinion, send messages for example) and receive information (notifications, feedback about your uploads, for example).

Some options for communication in Bintray include:

  • Messages: Like many other interactive services and social networks, Bintray has an internal messaging service between all its users. Bintray users can also include their Email address in their user profile so that they can be contacted by Email.

  • Notifications: Bintray provides every user with a feed of notifications about relevant new and updated Bintray entities, and activities.

  • Posting Feedback about Packages: Post your opinion about the software in a package.

  • Watching a Package, User or Organization: Select a package, user or organization about which you want to receive regular notifications, changes, and updates.

Bintray offers other options to collect info and make interaction, uploads and downloads more relevant. These include:

  • Search: Bintray offers a keyword search that is contextual and does more than just search for the keyword in the file names. Furthermore, the search for packages may also be filtered by repository.

  • Stats: Bintray allows you to view the info of how many times a certain package or version has been downloaded recently. With this info you can figure out which packages are recommended, popular or deal with commonly-used functionalities, so you can make a more informed decision when comparing between different packages.

Messages and Notifications

Like many other interactive services and social networks, Bintray has an internal messaging service between its users, as well as a system of notifications to notify you about things that may be of interest to you.


You can use Bintray’s internal messaging service to send messages to other users. If you provide Bintray with your email address then when somebody sends you an internal message using Bintray you also receive this notification in your regular email account. You can use the internal Bintray messaging service without providing your email address to anyone. For example, when you send a request message, it includes Approve and Decline buttons to perform these actions.

Note: Bintray users can choose to include their Email address in their user profile,so that they can be contacted by Email. If you choose not to display your Email address, this does not affect messaging with other Bintray members.

To send a message:

  1. Access the User Profile page of the user you want to send a message to.

    Alternatively, you can access the page of a repository, package, version or organization owned by the user you wish to contact.

  2. Click the Contact button under the title of the page.

    The Compose Message page opens, with the addressee already assigned.

  3. Enter a Subject and Message and click Send.

To check your received messages:

  1. Click the Unread Messages icon located in the ribbon at the top of every displayed Bintray page.

    The Messages tab of your inbox is displayed.


Bintray provides every user with a feed of notifications about relevant new and updated Bintray entities and activities. You can decide which notifications you receive, and what is relevant, by selecting packages, users and organizations that you want to watch. The notification informs you about new organizations, repositories, packages and versions created according to the packages, users and organizations you are watching.

To view your notifications, click the unread messages indicator which is located in the ribbon at the top of every displayed Bintray page.

The Messages tab of your inbox is displayed.

To view your notifications, click the Notifications tab of your inbox. 
Note: You can also get alerts of watched packages, users and organization delivered directly to your Email. To do this, check the Send Me Release Alerts by Email for My Watched Packages checkbox in the General form of the Edit Your Profile page.

Rating Packages and Posting Reviews of Packages

One of the main advantages of Bintray is its interactivity. One of these features is the option that allows all logged-in users to post feedback about packages. Feedback is provided as a rating (from one to five stars) and written reviews. The feedback you provide about package helps other users choose the relevant material for their needs and in turn, by viewing other users’ feedback, you can choose the relevant material for you.

You can rate a package, review a package, and add a note about the helpfulness of a review.

To rate a package
, simply click the stars displayed under the package name.

The package rating appears not only in the Package page but also in the Version pages.

Review notes about a package are displayed in the Reviews tab of the package.

If a review was posted for a specific version, it is displayed in the Reviews tab of that Version, and in the Reviews tab of the parent package.

Reviews can be read by all users, even those that are not logged-on.

To review a package:

  1. In the Package page, select the Reviews tab.

    Note that this can only be done in a Package page of another user’s package - you cannot review your own package.

  2. In the Reviews tab, click the Add your review button. The Review Editor text box is displayed.

    Note that the Add your review button is displayed either as a full button or an icon with a link, depending on whether there are already reviews for this package or not. 

  3. Select the relevant version (or simply leave it as “Latest” if the review does not refer to a specific version) the drop-down list.

    Note that this drop-down list does not appear in the Reviews tab of a Version page, only in that of a Package page.

  4. In the Review Editor text box add the review text you want to add and click the Post button.

    When a review has been posted, other readers can promote or demote it by clicking the corresponding arrows next to the review.

Note that a user can only vote once. If you click to vote a second time the vote is canceled. 

You can rate a review of a package or version that you own, but you cannot rate your own reviews.

You can always send a private message to the owner of a package directly, without posting a review to the whole Bintray community. To do this, click on the username of the package owner. Then, on their homepage, click the Contact button under their username.

Watching a Package User or Organization 

When you watch a package, user or organization, you receive updates about any activities of the watched entities. The notifications include updates on creation of new entities, updates and uploads, and are listed in the Notifications tab of your inbox.

To watch a package, user or organization:

  1. Access the relevant PackageUser Profile or Organization profile page.

  2. Click the Watch link in the Watchers area of the package, user or organization page.

To stop watching a package, user or organization, access the relevant PackageUser Profile or Organization profile page, and click the Un-Watch button.

Note that in addition to receiving notifications in your Bintray Inbox, you can also set up Bintray to send notifications to your email. To do this, check the Send me release alerts by email for my watched packages checkbox in the General tab of the Edit Your Profile page.