This page describes changes made by the PyPI administrators and how they affect your use of PyPI remote repositories in Artifactory

If you are not using PyPI remote repositories in Artifactory, then the contents of this page do not affect you in any way. 

What is PyPI?

The Python Package Index (PyPI) is a repository of software packages supplied by the worldwide community of Python developers that is maintained by the Python Software Foundation.

What is Changing?

Currently, the Python Package Index is available at http://pypi.python.org.

PyPI is undergoing changes and the PyPI administrators have  that by April 30th, the current URL will be deprecated, and the PyPI public repository will only be available at http://pypi.org

In addition, the internal structure the PyPI index is changing.

How This Affects You

These are breaking changes if you are using Artifactory remote PyPI repositories that proxy the PyPI index at its current URL of http://pypi.python.org.

To continue working with these Artifactory remote PyPI repositories, follow the rest of the instructions on this page.

JFrog is Supporting You

JFrog is working with the PyPI administrators to ensure a smooth transition to the new index.

Until April 30th, the original index at http://pypi.python.org should continue to be available to serve JFrog Artifactory users with no impact on Artifactory PyPI remote repositories whatsoever.

To align with the changes introduced to PyPi, on April 18, we will provide you with patch versions for Artifactory 5.8.x, Artifactory 5.9.x and Artifactory 5.10.x, that support the new PyPI repository at its new URL and with its new structure.

For details about these patches, please refer to Release Notes.

What You Need To Do

To continue using PyPI remote repositories in Artifactory that proxy the official PyPI index and resolve new packages from it:

  1. Upgrade Artifactory to the patch corresponding to your current version.
  2. After the upgrade, in the PyPI remote repository configuration:
    1. Set the URL field to: https://files.pythonhosted.org
    2. Set the Registry URL field to https://pypi.org

If you are using an older version of JFrog Artifactory, to continue working with PyPI, you need to upgrade to one of the patches we will release on April 19.

Still Having Problems?

If you do not manage to transition to the new PyPI index, or have any other questions regarding this change, please contact support@jfrog.com and we will be happy to assist you.