After installation and initial setup, administrators can configure the JFrog Platform from within the user interface in the Administration module. It includes:

  • Repositories: Manage local/remote/virtual/distribution/federated repositories and layouts.
  • Identity and Access: Add users and groups with required permission levels.
  • Security: Configure security settings with several protection levels, including the join key.
  • Licenses: Add and manage licenses and license buckets (requires an Enterprise+ license) for your services.
  • General: Set custom configurations, including custom base URL, direct cloud storage download and mail server.
  • Proxies: Configure any proxy settings for the JFrog Platform and services.
  • Monitoring: Monitor your storage, replication and service status.
  • Platform Deployments: Register your JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) in order to track, view and monitor them. Requires an Enterprise+ license.
  • Support Zone: Create support bundles that contain relevant data (such as system and log files) for a single or multiple services in an HA cluster, saved and used to resolve any issues when contacting support.
  • Artifactory: Configure Artifactory settings.
  • Xray Security and Compliance: Configure Xray settings. Requires a Pro X license.
  • Pipelines: Configure Pipelines with integrations, pipeline sources, and build nodes. Requires an Enterprise+ license or cloud subscription.

The Search Panel provides a quick way to find the configuration you are looking for. 

Quick Setup

The Quick Setup enables you to create repositories for your selected package types in one go. With a couple of simple steps, you can create local, remote, and virtual repositories for each package type of your choosing.

Step 1 From the user drop-down menu, select Quick Setup.

Step 2 Select one or more package types to create the default repositories.

Step 3 Provide a name for the group of repositories. The name will be used as a prefix that will help you to manage the repositories.

Step 4 Click Create.

You have completed creating your repositories, you can continue to configure your clients, and deploy artifacts, as described in Package Management.