The GitLab Integration is used to connect JFrog Pipelines to your instance of GitLab so that you can run builds for your repositories hosted there.

Creating an Integration

You can add this integration by following steps on the Managing Pipelines Integrations page.

Here is the information you need to create this integration:

  • Name -- choose a friendly name for the integration
  • URL -- location of your GitLab API. The URL should be in the format https://(GitLab URL)/api/(api version). For example, if you're using, this will be Please note that if you're using Gitlab version 9.0 or later, you should use v4 for api version. If you're using Gitlab version 8.17 or earlier, you should use v3 for api version. API v3 is unsupported from Gitlab 9.5 according to this Gitlab notice
  • Token -- GitLab private token with the right levels of permission


The GitLab integration can be used in the GitRepo resource.

The GitLab integration can also be added directly to a step in the integrations section.

Default Environment Variables

When you create a resource with this integration, and create a step that uses it, a set of environment variables is automatically made available.

Environment variable


res_<resource-name>_gitProvider_urlGitLab API location
res_<resource-name>_gitProvider_tokenThe token used to connect to GitLab

When you add this integration directly to a step, a set of environment variables is automatically made available.

Environment variableDescription
name_<integration-name>_urlGitLab API location
name_<integration-name>_tokenThe Token used to connect to GitLab