Matrix of Artifactory versions and their features

Feature / Service
Open Source
Pro Version
30-day free trial
30-day free trial
Proxy and Cache Remote Repository Artifacts
Deploy Artifacts via the UI or via REST/HTTP
Bulk Atomic Artifact eployment
Intuitive Slick Web UI
Include/Exclude Rules for Stored Artifacts
Search by Name, Class, Module Info
UI-based Move/Copy/Delete
Space saving, no duplicate, checksum - based storage
Incremental and Historical Backup Service
Integration with Leading CI-server Integration
Managing Build Artifacts for Reproducible Builds
Promotion, Demotion and Cleanup of Build Artifacts
Automatic 3rd Party License Violation Detection per Build
3rd Party License & Security Governance w.Black Duck’s Code Center
Rsync-like repository replication
Powerful RESTful API for Release Automation
Annotate Artifacts with Searchable Properties
RubyGems Proxying and Hosting
P2 Proxying and Hosting
YUM Repository for RPM Hosting
Nuget Proxying and Hosting
Extend Artifactory with Groovy-based User Plugins
Custom Repository Layout for Non-Maven Module Mgmt.
Dynamic configuration provisioning
Aggregate and Run Bulk Operations on Search Results
Focused Email Notifications for Artifact Changes
On Demand Jar Signing and Web Start Application Hosting
LDAP Authentication
Optional multi-realm authentication fallback
Role Based Authorization
LDAP Groups Synchronization
Atlassian Crowd Integration
SAML Based Login
Powerful SSO integration for NTLM, Kerberos, Etc.
JFrog Email Support
All new commercial Add-ons and Upgrades with no extra charge - during your subscription
Maintenance-free Hosted Repository as a Service
Always Up-to-Date Artifactory Version
Setup Free Automated Backups