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Incorrect path for log file (backslash instead slash)


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 3.1.2
    • Fix Version/s: 3.2.2
    • Component/s: conan


      I got a small problem with Artifactory in combination with Conan under Jenkins.


      Our Artifactory Version is 6.6.3. 

      We are running Jenkins 2.150.2 with the actual Artifcatory plugin. The master is a windows machine, the slave are Ubuntu 18.04 or Win10.


      Conan version 1.12.1.


      When running the following pipeline script:


          def server = Artifactory.server "artifactory"

          def client = null

          def name = null


          def downloadSpec = """{

           "files": [


      {           "pattern": " myserver-local/conan/config/conan.zip",           "target": "tmp/"         }



          server.download spec: downloadSpec

          client = Artifactory.newConanClient userHome: "${env.WORKSPACE}".toString()

          def buildInfo1  = client.run(command: "config install tmp/conan/config/conan.zip")


      It returns the following output on our linux (Ubuntu 18.4) Jenkins slave:


      [TestScriptsCheckout] $ sh -c "conan config install tmp/conan/config/conan.zip "

      Unzipping 359.4KB, this can take a while

      Copying file cacert.pem to /myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout/.conan/.

      Copying file version.txt to /myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout/.conan/.

      Installing settings.yml

      Copying file artifacts.properties to /myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout/.conan/.

      Processing conan.conf

      Copying file registry.json to /myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout/.conan/.

      Installing profiles:

        - VS14

      Installing hooks:

      • .

      [TestScriptsCheckout] $ sh -c "conan_build_info /myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout
      conan_log.log --output /myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout@tmp/artifactory/conan3435418092553574971build-info "

      Error, conan trace log not found! '/myserver-local/TestScriptsCheckout\conan_log.log'


      It runs on windows. Seems to be only a backslash instead of a normal slash for the file path. The “sh”-command runs, when I fix this.

      I think the problems comes from running a windows master and using a linux slave. So the path is generated on the master and would not run on the slave.




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