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Support retry when downloading artifact from remote instance


    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.1.2
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: HttpRepo
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      Artifactory remote repository proxy a repo from external remote instance and download artifact from external remote when user requests.
      But the remote repo will not retry if downloading failed for the first time, for some cases, it could be success with retry: for example:

      $: wget http://www.soapui.org/repository/maven2/com/smartbear/ready-api-soapui/1.9.0/ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar
      -2017-02-28 10:49:28- http://www.soapui.org/repository/maven2/com/smartbear/ready-api-soapui/1.9.0/ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar
      Resolving www.soapui.org...
      Connecting to www.soapui.org||:80... connected.
      HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
      Location: http://smartbearsoftware.com/repository/maven2/com/smartbear/ready-api-soapui/1.9.0/ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar [following]
      -2017-02-28 10:49:28- http://smartbearsoftware.com/repository/maven2/com/smartbear/ready-api-soapui/1.9.0/ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar
      Resolving smartbearsoftware.com...
      Connecting to smartbearsoftware.com||:80... connected.
      HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
      Length: 12696820 (12M) [application/java-archive]
      Saving to: `ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar.1'

      49% [================================================================================> ] 6,324,478 1.25M/s in 5.1s

      2017-02-28 10:49:33 (1.19 MB/s) - Read error at byte 6324478/12696820 (Connection reset by peer). Retrying.

      -2017-02-28 10:49:34- (try: 2) http://smartbearsoftware.com/repository/maven2/com/smartbear/ready-api-soapui/1.9.0/ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar
      Connecting to smartbearsoftware.com||:80... connected.
      HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 206 Partial Content
      Length: 12696820 (12M), 6372342 (6.1M) remaining [application/java-archive]
      Saving to: `ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar.1'

      100%[+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++==================================================================================>] 12,696,820 2.45M/s in 2.5s

      2017-02-28 10:49:37 (2.45 MB/s) - `ready-api-soapui-1.9.0.jar.1' saved [12696820/12696820]

      "wget" supports retry, so I can download the artifacts successfully with it, but using Artifactory, I got error code 404: Failed to read stream: Connection reset

      Hope Artifactory could also support retry and resume downloading from some point.




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