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Backups failing to clean up on one installation, but not the other.


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 5.4.4
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Backup
    • Environment:

      RHEL 6


      We have two distinct servers with Artifactory. Our backups are failing on one installation but not the other.

      Here is the /opt/artifactory/access/logs/request.log from the working server:

      2017-09-15T18:15:32.705+0000||admin|POST|http://localhost:8081/access/api/v1/system/backup/export|202|0|437|JFrog Access Java Client/2.0.1
      2017-09-15T18:18:57.146+0000||admin|POST|http://localhost:8081/access/api/v1/system/backup/export|202|0|351|JFrog Access Java Client/2.0.1

      And similarly from the broken server:
      2017-09-14T02:00:01.755+0000||anonymous|POST|http://localhost:8082/access/api/v1/system/backup/export|401|0|297|JFrog Access Java Client/2.0.1
      2017-09-15T02:00:02.621+0000||anonymous|POST|http://localhost:8082/access/api/v1/system/backup/export|401|0|469|JFrog Access Java Client/2.0.1

      Notice that the broken server is attempting to make this request with the anonymous user instead of the admin user. There appears to be no settings or files to overwrite this behavior.

      The backups are created on the "broken server" but never deleted as per our retention policy of 328 hours. (Slightly under two weeks).

      Also, inside of our /opt/artifactory/access/logs/artifactory.log we see the following error on the broken server:
      2017-07-29 02:00:01,502 [art-exec-58650] [ERROR] (o.a.s.a.AccessServiceImpl:720) - Error during access server backup: HTTP response status 401:{"errors":[

      {"code":"UNAUTHORIZED","detail":"Bad credentials","message":"HTTP 401 Unauthorized"}


      Both servers are installed on 5.4.4
      Both servers were installed at the same time using the same steps.

      This issue appears to be potentially related to or similar to: RTFACT-14834




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