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Scheduled Replication Status REST API returns 'ok' before actually finishing


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 5.6.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Replication, REST API
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      When replication starts REST call is returning 'incomplete' status. As soon as Artifactory STARTS deploying the last file REST call is returning 'ok'. In case the last file that is deployed is large (I've used a ~500M file) there is a couple of seconds difference between the 'ok' message and the actual end of deployment.

      From my local Artifactory log:

      Deploying item: generic-local:ideaIU-2017.7.dmg
      2017-12-07 15:31:01,340 [replication-consumer-1512653383554-0] [INFO ] (o.a.a.c.BasicStatusHolder:221) Successfully deployed item: generic-local:ideaIU-2017.7.dmg on Url:http://localhost:8081/artifactory/generic-local/
      2017-12-07 15:31:01,341 [replication-consumer-1512653383554-0] [INFO ] (o.a.a.c.BasicStatusHolder:221) Deploying item: generic-local:ideaIU-2017.8.dmg
      2017-12-07 15:31:11,072 [replication-consumer-1512653383554-0] [INFO ] (o.a.a.c.BasicStatusHolder:221) Successfully deployed item: generic-local:ideaIU-2017.8.dmg on Url:http://localhost:8081/artifactory/generic-local/
      2017-12-07 15:31:11,073 [replication-consumer-1512653383554-0] [INFO ] (o.a.a.c.BasicStatusHolder:221) Deploying item: generic-local:ideaIU-2017.9.dmg
      2017-12-07 15:31:11,078 [art-exec-3607] [INFO ] (o.a.a.c.BasicStatusHolder:221) localhost_8081_artifactory_generic-local_ Completed local  folder replication for generic-local/ with 9 deployed files, 0 deleted files, 0 properties change, 0 statistics change, 0 mkDirs... average events per second 0.1
      2017-12-07 15:31:20,651 [replication-consumer-1512653383554-0] [INFO ] (o.a.a.c.BasicStatusHolder:221) Successfully deployed item: generic-local:ideaIU-2017.9.dmg on Url:http://localhost:8081/artifactory/generic-local/

      When this line is logged - 2017-12-07 15:31:11,078 - status is changed into 'ok', even though the actual replication ends 9 seconds later. Note that even though 10 files will be eventually deployed, the log states ' 9 deployed files'.




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