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Smart remote NuGet repository not persist the remote repository folder structure.


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      When configuring NuGet smart remote repository and the source repository artifacts are saved in folder structures, the cached artifacts are getting save in the repository root location.

      while in theory this behavior is the expected behavior, in case we have configured pull replication and we actively replication artifacts from the remote repository we will have two entries for each artifact, one in the repo root and one in the desired folder.

       From an investigation it seems like the issue occur since NuGet package download link is provided via a generic URL link and not by going to a specific path to download it, then, the file is get downloaded to the root of the repository.

      steps to reproduce:

      1.install two Artifactory instances.

      2. in instance A create local repo and upload nuget package in a specific folder.

      3. in instance B create remote repo which point to the repsiotry configured in step 2.

      4. replicated the artifact from the repo in instance A to the repo in instance B,

      5. try to resolve the nuget package using nuget client - at this point you will have two entries for the same package.




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