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Release Debian file served very slowly from Debian Virtual repositories


    • Sprint:
      Leap 37


      Symptoms: Apt-get clients time out or perform poorly when attempting to update against a virtual Debian repository


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a Debian Remote repository going to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ 
      2. Create a  Debian Virtual repository containing only the above Debian Remote repository
      3. Attempt to download the "debian-virtual/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Release" file
      4. Observe that the request takes a very long time to complete:

      2019-04-25 23:56:12 | 40276 (40 seconds) |REQUEST||admin|GET|/debian-virtual/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Release|HTTP/1.1|200| 96 (Bytes)

      2019-04-25 23:57:16 | 34 (Milliseconds) |REQUEST||admin|GET|/deb-remote/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Release|HTTP/1.1|200| 96

      The request appears to "hang" for several seconds, up to a few minutes, before the Release file is served. The actual file download only takes a few milliseconds.


      Zapping the virtual and remote caches and modifying the Metadata Retrieval Cache Period all do not have an effect on this problem.

      Multiple downloads of the same file return in around the same, slow time.

      Using a Generic Virtual with the same remote repository serves the metadata quickly. Using the remote directly serves the metadata quickly as well. Neither are truly effective workarounds as they invalidate the point of a Debian Virtual repository.

      This issue means users will be discouraged from using the new Debian Virtual repositories which are a major feature in Artifactory.




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              yuvalr Yuval Reches
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              Barak Hacham
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