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Build Promotion fails after upgrade from 6.9.0 to 6.11.1



      Build promotion from Jenkins with build ID XX (for example:23) to Artifactory fails with "HTTP Error 500: `Could not delete build 0 " error. Build 0 doesn't exists in Artifactory and user already had delete permissions for the build 23, set in a permission target.

      Error seen by enabling below Artifactory logger:
      <logger name="org.artifactory.build.BuildServiceImpl">
      <level value="debug" />  


      2019-07-24 21:36:48,033 [http-nio-12000-exec-19] [DEBUG] (o.a.b.BuildServiceImpl:1154) - Overwriting the .json content of 'Testsign-Release-Candidate:23' with new build model including promotion
      2019-07-24 21:36:48,188 [http-nio-12000-exec-19] [DEBUG] (o.a.b.BuildServiceImpl:661) - Starting to remove build 'Testsign-Release-Candidate' #23
      2019-07-24 21:38:50,684 [http-nio-12000-exec-19] [WARN ] (o.a.s.f.l.SessionLockEntry:132) - Mutable item 'artifactory-build-info:Testsign-Release-Candidate/23-1556834587668.json' has local modifications that will be discarded.
      2019-07-24 21:38:50,688 [http-nio-12000-exec-19] [WARN ] (o.a.s.f.l.SessionLockEntry:132) - Mutable item 'auto-trashcan:artifactory-build-info/Testsign-Release-Candidate/23-1556834587668.json' has local modifications that will be discarded.
      2019-07-24 21:38:50,744 [http-nio-12000-exec-19] [ERROR] (o.a.r.c.e.m.GlobalExceptionMapper:48) - Could not delete build 0 Testsign-Release-Candidate:23:2019-05-02T22:03:07.668Z
      org.artifactory.storage.StorageException: Could not delete build 0 Testsign-Release-Candidate:23:2019-05-02T22:03:07.668Z


      Also, noticed Database lock timeout error while promoting the build:


      com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLTransactionRollbackException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

      After, troubleshooting in MySql DB with


      , noticed "Delete" operation was holding the lock and not releasing it, in turn leading to timeout. This issue has been reproduced in Postgres Db as well.

      Build promotion code requires to delete the build before the deploy:

      Delete is performed in a separate transaction:

      * We need to manually perform the delete BEFORE the deploy,
       * otherwise it can cause deploy-->delete instead of delete-->deploy.
       * This is because {@link SqlStorageSession} currently doesn't hold the order of events.
       * @param build Build to be deleted
       private void deletePreviousBuildAsSystem(Build build) {
       BasicStatusHolder status = new BasicStatusHolder();
       Authentication currentAuth = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication();
       try {
       SecurityContextHolder.getContext().setAuthentication(new SystemAuthenticationToken());
       BuildRun buildRun = getBuildRunInternally(build.getName(), build.getNumber(), build.getStarted());
       "deleteBuildInPromotionBySystem" + build.getName() + build.getNumber() + build.getStarted(), () -> {
       getTransactionalMe().deleteBuild(buildRun, false, status);
       return null;
       } finally {
       // Restore previous permissions
       if (status.hasErrors() || status.hasWarnings()) {
       log.warn("Couldn't delete build as part of promotion: " + status.getLastError().getMessage() + ".");

      There is no workaround for this issue. DB deadlock condition has been fixed in 6.11.5 version



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