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Slow response from with Move API when conan user/channel changes


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Normal
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    • Affects Version/s: 6.11.3
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Conan
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      In RTFACT-14165 support was added to change user/channel of a conan artifact when promoting it via the move API. It isn't behaving as expected, though, with the API never returning a response, and not fully deleting the old package during a move.

      For example, performing a move without changing the user/channel works fine, with the HTTP call returning a response in less than half a second:

      $ curl -u ******  -sS -X POST /api/move/conan-test/user/package/1.0.0/test?to=/conan-release/user/package/1.0.0/test{{{}}
        "messages" : [ {
          "level" : "INFO",
          "message" : "moving conan-test:user/package/1.0.0/test to conan-release:user/package/1.0.0/test completed successfully, 9 artifacts and 6 folders were moved"
        } ]

      Afterwords, the new artifact is in the expected location, and the old artifact is gone (although the "/user/package/1.0.0" directory remains, even if empty).

      However, attempting a move where the user/channel changes, the API never responds. Eventually the nginx reverse proxy we have in front of artifactory times out after 90 seconds, and returns a 504.

      $ curl -u ******  -sS -X POST /api/move/conan-test/user/package/1.0.0/test?to=/conan-release/company/package/1.0.0/release

      Afterwords, it appears that artifactory did successfully move the package to the new location, however, it leaves behind two "index.json" files and a ".timestamp" files (along with the directory structure containing them).




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