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      As an Artifactory admin, I want to restrict visibilty to Build Info based on the target repos (where the generated artifacts will be stored).


      Another solution would be to organize Build Info into folders (in the Build Info repository) by specifying the target folder when publishing them and then assign a permission target on this folder. In that way, Artifactory doesn't rely on the build name (via a regexp) to set permissions.

      Example for the 2nd solution : 

      Let's say team A wants to publish and access their Build Info  in Artifactory, the Build Info name will take by default the CI Job name or the team can set it.
      If they want to publish it they need the permission from the Artifactory admin. So the admins have to know the name in advance or agree on a naming convention regarding the Build Info name (which is not always possible)
      Now let's say that we can store team A's Build Info into Build-Info-Repo/TeamA folder and then in the Artifactory permission system, we specify that any Build Info in that folder will be visible to Team A, this will greatly simplify the way to manage Build Info as it relies on 1 single criteria which is the folder where the Build Info is stored. Team A will have to publish into their folder ==> CLI + CI plugin Feature request.
      Now in Xray, instead of having to select Build Info by their name, the user just target Team A's folder in the Build Info repository.
      With this system, Artifactory/Xray Admins can assign permissions once for all for Build Info in advance without having to know the Build Info names.




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