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choco list returning only packages from the "first" repository



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 7.12.6
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Chocolatey, NuGet
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      What we use:

      • Artifactory 7.12.6
      • Chocolatey v0.10.15 Business
      • Windows Server 2016 & 2019



      We use Artifactory to host our repositories for the NuGet packages for Chocolatey.
      On the Chocolatey client we have three repositories configured:

      • chocolatey.licensed = this is the default Chocolatey repository for Chocolatey Business (but this repo is disabled)
      • choco_ix_shared = this is an Artifactory repository configured with credentials
      • choco_sm_private = this is an Artifactory repository configured with other credentials

      The issue that we have is following:
      If we run

      choco list

      to get all the packages on the Artifactory repositories, we only get the packages from the first* repository:


      As you can see in the image above, for example the package "chocolatey 0.10.15" is missing in the output of "choco list". To check the configuration of the repositories and the credentials I can run the choco list -s <Repo_Name> against each repository separately and all the packages are shown.

      The big issue is not only that the list of all packages are not complete, the issue is if I run an installation for example "choco install chocolatey" the installation failed because chocolatey cannot find the package!

      *With first repository I mean the first evaluated repository. So If there is a priority configured then it means the repository with the lowest priority. If there is no priority configured, then it means the first active repository.

      Additional Information's

      We already opened a Chocolatey case and troubleshoot this very deep and they say this is definitively an issue on Artifactory (they also can reproduce the issue with Artifactory). With Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager and the similar configurations (different users and passwords) everything works.

      How to reproduce the issue

      • Artifactory: add an NuGet "local repository"
      • Artifactory: add an user¬†
      • Artifactory: add a permission with the new created repository & add the new user with read permissions
      • Chocolatey: configure multiple sources/repositories with different credentials
      • Artifactory: Upload different NuGet packages to the new repositores
      • Chocolatey: Run a "choco list" and check if all the packages are shown




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