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"Use case mission-control not found" - Paring Token API is missing a tag



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 7.29.7, 7.38.6
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Access Tokens
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      Problem description:

      In Artifactory 7.29.7, the application changed how to register an Edge Node. Rather than a join.key, a Pairing Token is now needed.

      Unfortunately it looks like the Pairing Token API is missing the tag to let an Edge Node join Mission Control, and as a result adding an Edge node is not possible without an Edge license key.

      Without a key, you cannot get past the onboarding UI page and are blocked from any Edge setup steps. For example, you can't get an Access Admin Token because the Admin Tokens menu is locked without a license.

      What is the impact?

      Currently without an existing Edge license key, users are blocked from activating the installation. The onboarding page can't be skipped and backend APIs are locked out for security reasons.

      What is the expected behavior?

      The "mission-control" tag is available for the artifactory/api/v1/service_trust/pairing/ endpoint, which has been documented but appears not to have been implemented.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Technically, all you need to do is run this curl command against an Artifactory 7.29.7 and get a 500 HTTP error:


      curl -u admin -XPUT localhost:8081/artifactory/api/v1/service_trust/pairing/mission-control
         "errors" : [ {
         "status" : 500,
         "message" : "Use case mission-control not found"
         } ]


      Full steps:
         1] Install Artifactory and Mission Control, the "Main JPD" setup
         2] Deploy an Edge license bucket on the Main JPD setup
         3] Install the Edge Artifactory normally and start it
         4] Get stuck on the onboarding page, you're unable to generate the token using curl here:



      curl -u admin -XPUT localhost:8081/artifactory/api/v1/service_trust/pairing/mission-control
         "errors" : [ {
         "status" : 500,
         "message" : "Use case mission-control not found"
         } ]

      You can use the JFrog CLI to get the pairing token if you know the join key. First ensure that the join key is set to a known value during the installation:


      1] Create a join.key, note down the value

      openssl rand -hex 16 > join.key

      2] Install and use the "access" Jfrog CLI plugin, it can create an Access Admin token:

      jfrog plugin install access

      jfrog access st --url=http://localhost:8082 --join-key=[Join_Key]

      export JF_ACCESS_ADMIN_TOKEN=<access admin token>

      3] Use this token to get the token using the internal /access API, which works:

      $ curl -XPOST "http://localhost:8082/access/api/v1/service_trust/pairing/{mission-control}" -H'Authorization: Bearer $JF_ACCESS_ADMIN_TOKEN'
      "pairing_token" : "<pairing token...>"

      Environment details:
        Artifactory version which the bug was reproduced on: Artifactory 7.38.7, Artifactory 7.29.7
        DB type & Version: Edge had a Derby DB
        Is this an HA env? Nope
        Is this On-Prem or SaaS? On-Prem
        OS details if relevant: Debian 11
        Installation type: Dpkg install




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