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Delete Versions popup does not indicate selections on pages you are not currently viewing



      I had an issue yesterday while using the "Delete Versions" modal in an repository in Artifactory 4. The modal I am talking about can be viewed by following these steps:

      • Click on "Artifacts" in the left bar
      • Select a subdirectory inside a repository in the Artifact Repository Viewer
      • Click on the "Actions" dropdown label on the right side of the page across from the title of the repository
      • Select "Delete Versions" from the dropdown list

      In the resulting modal popup, there is a list of all artifacts inside the directory that was selected, separated by pages. There is a "select all" type checkbox as the header for the checkbox field. When selecting this checkbox, it appears that ALL items in the list, including ones that are NOT visible become selected but there is no indication visually that this is the case. This unfortunately caused me to delete hundreds of artifacts out of a repository when I thought I was only deleting ones that were currently visible with a checkmark next to them.

      Would it be possible to improve the user interface to either indicate that items that are not visible are being selected, or make it so that the "select all" checkbox in the header only selects items that are currently visible on the current page of artifacts?




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