Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 1.2.2 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-177] - Add a screenshot to the security configuration page
  • [RTFACT-181] - Warn about possible discrepancies when using <mirrorOf>*</mirrorOf> with Maven 2.0.7
  • [RTFACT-193] - Update the Maven's deployment docs


  • [RTFACT-168] - Import/Export result should be printed on the top


  • [RTFACT-107] - When POM is already deployed do not suggest to override it by default upon jar deployment
  • [RTFACT-175] - The server don't start after a blackout
  • [RTFACT-184] - anonDownloads and username/password configuration
  • [RTFACT-186] - Incorrect file name for deployed artifacts having the dot character in their type
  • [RTFACT-187] - After a succesful login Artifactory may allow to download artifacts even if incorrect password is specified in the settings.xml
  • [RTFACT-191] - deploy upload intermittently fails first time for md5 file with return code 500
  • [RTFACT-192] - Wrong snapshot artifact name when deploying from CLI with uniqueVersion set to false
  • [RTFACT-196] - The 'ANY' repository checkbox does not does not lock the repo dropdown
  • [RTFACT-199] - Node already locked prevents upload, locking cause unknown
  • [RTFACT-200] - Missing "fi" in bin/artifactoryctl
  • [RTFACT-209] - Anonymous download between Artifactory instances is broken
  • [RTFACT-216] - Error trying to deploy an artifact when manually setting a group id with dots
  • [RTFACT-222] - Deploying an artifact leads to unworkable situation
  • [RTFACT-225] - Unable to deploy an artifact whose version contain a space character
  • [RTFACT-249] - jar-with-dependencies classifier is renamed

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-194] - Cannot view or download zip files


  • [RTFACT-170] - When '-Dartifactory.home' system property is not specified use '${user.home}/.artifactory' instead of '${user.dir}' as the home directory
  • [RTFACT-171] - Read 'artifactory.home' property from the environment variable 'ARTIFACTORY_HOME'
  • [RTFACT-185] - The Search should be case insensitive
  • [RTFACT-190] - Use per individual repo security checks when iterating over virtual repository elements
  • [RTFACT-203] - Upgrade Jackrabbit to 1.3.1
  • [RTFACT-207] - Upgrade to Jetty 6.1.5

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