Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 2.3.4 - HTML format

Change Request


  • [RTFACT-3012] - IE7: Mouse over, Zap virtual repository, help bubble makes the panel scrolled


  • [RTFACT-4012] - Wrong repository is listed if URL lacks a trailing "/"
  • [RTFACT-4134] - The inner-jar pom resolver rejects a jar entry with the size of -1
  • [RTFACT-4165] - Save backup with retention period 0 and zip package on automatically add the incremental flag which is not allowed along with the zip backup
  • [RTFACT-4194] - READ lock when trying to download artifacts inside of user plugin
  • [RTFACT-4209] - Put request rejected due to include/exclude patterns returning 404 instead of 409
  • [RTFACT-4212] - TaskService leak when reloading configuration
  • [RTFACT-4217] - Number of unapproved licenses calculated incorrectly when there are neutral licenses
  • [RTFACT-4226] - Import System doesn't import the etc directory files
  • [RTFACT-4229] - RPM installer doesn't remove Artifactory's old exploded WAR dir on upgrade
  • [RTFACT-4239] - Rest API to set properties doesn't work when the value is empty
  • [RTFACT-4256] - In LDAP hierarchy strategy, the search base should be copied and un editable from the LDAP settings
  • [RTFACT-4257] - Edit external user profile that has his 'disable internal password' checked is not possible
  • [RTFACT-4258] - Update profile button should not be displayed when user don't have 'can update profile' checked
  • [RTFACT-4263] - Cron expression help is broken
  • [RTFACT-4264] - File listing for a remote repository returns 500
  • [RTFACT-4267] - Pressing the cancel button on ldap settings close the panel but don't refresh the model
  • [RTFACT-4268] - Simple/List URL with out trailing "/" are redirected to default browsing URL
  • [RTFACT-4269] - If external user has also internal password he can unlock his encrypted password only with his internal password
  • [RTFACT-4272] - Forget password link in mail is broken
  • [RTFACT-4274] - NPE when requesting file list on a Blacked Out repository
  • [RTFACT-4280] - Failures in export system are not logged by the export status holder
  • [RTFACT-4282] - Blacked-out repositories don't have a red 'Can't be downloaded' warning on artifacts in tree browser

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-3037] - Support serving jar resources directly
  • [RTFACT-3783] - Add rest query for all artifacts with bad checksum
  • [RTFACT-4170] - Test connection to remote repository
  • [RTFACT-4171] - Introduce a local repository replication task
  • [RTFACT-4249] - Search builds an artifact is a dependency in via REST
  • [RTFACT-4259] - Support multiple searchBase in LDAP configuration (LDAP Group feature)
  • [RTFACT-4275] - Effective item permissions REST API
  • [RTFACT-4276] - Expose searches for plugins


  • [RTFACT-4159] - Upgrade dojo to support IE9
  • [RTFACT-4204] - Add the request object to the parameters of remoteDownload events
  • [RTFACT-4242] - Replication should use its own HTTP connection/request timeout


  • [RTFACT-3668] - Make the license url linkable in the edit license panel
  • [RTFACT-4207] - Failure to find ldap group in Artifactory is too verbose
  • [RTFACT-4289] - Running the indexer manually while the process in running in the background should throw an informative error in the feedback panel


  • [RTFACT-4172] - Restructure the replication configuration model
  • [RTFACT-4173] - Add a converter to support the repo replication schema changes
  • [RTFACT-4175] - Add the local repo replication configuration tab
  • [RTFACT-4179] - Implement push replication logic

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