Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 2.6.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-4864] - Missing help bubble about the search for license file


  • [RTFACT-3198] - has no effect
  • [RTFACT-3967] - Modified time in search results table is always displayed in UTC time zone
  • [RTFACT-4150] - The notUsedSince API seems to be limited by the instead of
  • [RTFACT-4391] - Artifactory license keys are not cross platform
  • [RTFACT-4424] - ${security.getEscapedEncryptedPassword()} is not filtered during settings.xml download
  • [RTFACT-4571] - Internal custom dns host fail to pass the mail configure URL validator but the URL is actually submitted
  • [RTFACT-4584] - Modifying the value of the path within the layout Artifact Path Resolution tester doesn't change after testing once
  • [RTFACT-4606] - Replication doesn't replicate the root item properties
  • [RTFACT-4688] - Local repository replication URL modifications don't update the configurations of running tasks
  • [RTFACT-4760] - Attempting to delete virtual repository warns about deletion of actual artifacts
  • [RTFACT-4770] - Few REST commands doesn't respect the documented security access controls
  • [RTFACT-4792] - Artifactory slow when remote repository does not respond
  • [RTFACT-4811] - InError records due to failure to insert a record are never cleaned from the datastore entries cache
  • [RTFACT-4819] - Filtered resources artifacts should have the pragma no cache header
  • [RTFACT-4843] - NtHost is not used by proxy connection if configured
  • [RTFACT-4846] - If repository is offline, then the cache artifacts are not indexed by the maven indexer
  • [RTFACT-4851] - Clean unused artifacts uses the userQueryLimit so cleanup is using the default 1000 artifacts at a time
  • [RTFACT-4854] - Generated lost password keys aren't URL safe
  • [RTFACT-4857] - startup script fails with OpenJDK 6
  • [RTFACT-4858] - Cant download single files from .WAR
  • [RTFACT-4872] - Deploy panel doesn't remember the latest deploy repository
  • [RTFACT-4909] - Add hpi file extension to the java archive mime type

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-3812] - Provide a way to get a "latest" artifact version, without knowing its version
  • [RTFACT-4694] - Add a user plugin info REST resource
  • [RTFACT-4747] - REST invokable build promotion user plugins
  • [RTFACT-4748] - Release version strategies in users plugins
  • [RTFACT-4775] - Allow user plugin to declare which users/groups can execute it
  • [RTFACT-4842] - Support proxy redirect hostnames
  • [RTFACT-4845] - Add afterDownloadError callback to "download" user plugin
  • [RTFACT-4855] - Support downloading the latest Maven snapshot
  • [RTFACT-4883] - Add file layout module information to the public API
  • [RTFACT-4902] - Add repo layout transformation abilities to public API
  • [RTFACT-4919] - Allow Build copy with new build number


  • [RTFACT-4255] - Latest version query
  • [RTFACT-4481] - Pre/post build events for plugins
  • [RTFACT-4611] - Upgrade to XStream 1.4
  • [RTFACT-4808] - Make the Repository Path value in the General panel linkable to the simple browser
  • [RTFACT-4822] - Explain resolution REST API
  • [RTFACT-4911] - Add a warning in the UI if replication is configured to run more often than every 5 minutes
  • [RTFACT-4921] - Artifact versions query


  • [RTFACT-4219] - Include a link to Artifactory log in the backup error notification
  • [RTFACT-4577] - Use cron expression to configure artifacts cleanup job
  • [RTFACT-4592] - Create download request tracking logger
  • [RTFACT-4638] - Support user groups management with the security REST API
  • [RTFACT-4773] - Use checksum deploy with push replication
  • [RTFACT-4823] - more verbose debugging for backup cleanup
  • [RTFACT-4852] - Add support for a streaming file list REST resource
  • [RTFACT-4860] - Add a remote repository replication (pull) implementation that utilizes the streaming file list
  • [RTFACT-4865] - Add a local repository replication (push) implementation that utilizes the streaming file list
  • [RTFACT-4870] - Provide textual feedback in the response body when deployment is attempted against a virtual repo by mistake
  • [RTFACT-4881] - Add affected issue visualization to the build browser
  • [RTFACT-4889] - The default configuration should have 'Suppress pom consistency checks' set to true
  • [RTFACT-4904] - Configurable archive browsing per repository

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