Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 3.5.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-7043] - Maven indexer holds transaction for long time when calculating virtual repo indexes
  • [RTFACT-7065] - Improve build diff performence


  • [RTFACT-4331] - Copy REST API returns HTTP code 200 even on error
  • [RTFACT-5943] - Builds.saveBuild(DetailedBuildRun) method only saving new DetailedBuildRun
  • [RTFACT-6511] - Rest API list method not working on virtual with include pattern having two or more levels
  • [RTFACT-6930] - NPM info table sort doesn't work
  • [RTFACT-6933] - HA servers not syncing new configuration and new permissions
  • [RTFACT-6957] - ConcurrentModificationException in the Build Browser Licences tab
  • [RTFACT-6973] - NuGet feed <link rel="next" response doesn't honor the urlBase
  • [RTFACT-6986] - When installing Artifactory as service we do not pass the -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 parameter
  • [RTFACT-7012] - Support AQL REST API
  • [RTFACT-7013] - Artifactory GC job sometimes stops executing
  • [RTFACT-7028] - PyPI install example in the tree browser is incorrect
  • [RTFACT-7030] - Requesting properties as json (/filename?properties) doesn't return "no-store" Cahce-Control header
  • [RTFACT-7033] - RubyGems version 2.4.5 leaving open connections in CLOSE_WAIT state
  • [RTFACT-7050] - Incorrect artifacts repo path
  • [RTFACT-7057] - Debian doesn't delete temporay files
  • [RTFACT-7080] - Links in "Filtered" popup points to the wrong URL
  • [RTFACT-7089] - NullPointerException when importing repository via REST API
  • [RTFACT-7090] - NPE when displaying class search results
  • [RTFACT-7093] - NugetLicenseLocatorStrategy should support "unknown"
  • [RTFACT-7108] - Class search with Java 8 throws exception
  • [RTFACT-7110] - User with external password that is different than the internal one cannot update the User Profile page
  • [RTFACT-7116] - RubyGems Local repository specs index is not sorted
  • [RTFACT-7357] - Scheduled garbage collection stops running

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-6125] - Provide Push replication to multiple Artifactory installations
  • [RTFACT-6606] - Encrypt database password of
  • [RTFACT-6682] - HA upgrades with zero downtime
  • [RTFACT-6842] - Allow adding custom http headers in PAPI BeforeRemoteDownloadAction
  • [RTFACT-7022] - Support docker delete API
  • [RTFACT-7031] - Artifactory - Bintray integration based on the Bintray-Java Client
  • [RTFACT-7037] - The ability to customize the <NameIDFormat> request format with SAML


  • [RTFACT-5958] - Update generated Gradle script to generate 'artifactory-publish' plugin DSL and 'jcenter()' for both buildscript and projects
  • [RTFACT-6302] - Upgrade Quartz to version 2
  • [RTFACT-6894] - Add logging to the repository browsing service
  • [RTFACT-7060] - The Artifactory update panel should be shown by default
  • [RTFACT-7072] - Update Artifactory copyright year in footer
  • [RTFACT-7099] - Upgrade BlackDuck Code Center SDK client


  • [RTFACT-6386] - Enable adding the anonymous user to user groups
  • [RTFACT-6983] - Add "Cache-Control" header with no-store for snapshot artifacts
  • [RTFACT-6985] - HA config reload even causes the notified server to save the reloaded config
  • [RTFACT-7048] - Improve the Artifactory HA cluster recovery after experiencing network issues
  • [RTFACT-7052] - Upgrade to Spring 4.1.x
  • [RTFACT-7082] - Have the ability to control the auto shutdown of the nodes on HA upgrade

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