Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 4.1.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-7017] - Importing LDAP Groups Fails with Invalid DN Syntax
  • [RTFACT-7086] - Support for the Docker API in virtual repositories
  • [RTFACT-7173] - Multiple logins of the same user create a race condition
  • [RTFACT-7440] - Artifactory api/npm might return the wrong package when the same package is both under a scope and under root
  • [RTFACT-7481] - 'CancelException' on 'beforeMove' is not reverting the path creation
  • [RTFACT-7530] - Bower repository does not respect certain version specifiers
  • [RTFACT-7617] - artifact that has the artifactory.licenses prop with no value cause nullPointerException
  • [RTFACT-7638] - Dependency without scope throws nullPointerException on license check
  • [RTFACT-7723] - Downloading a changed deb package fails on checksum mismatch in remote
  • [RTFACT-7842] - Artifactory loading time might take longer then 60 seconds and service init timeout should be modified accordingly
  • [RTFACT-7843] - Show in tree of artifact doesn't work when searching using the quick search bar
  • [RTFACT-7844] - Artifactory service cannot without the "default" file in etc
  • [RTFACT-7854] - Set Me Up - Gems - hide snippets
  • [RTFACT-7855] - Missing "X" (dismiss) and p (lower case) in add Artifactory License Property
  • [RTFACT-7899] - Repository Layouts page tooltips point to wrong wiki pages
  • [RTFACT-7912] - In OSS user is unable to download a item within an archive file
  • [RTFACT-7969] - Remove integration version validations from push to bintray actions (UI and REST)
  • [RTFACT-7975] - REST Promote request with the new JSON property "sourceRepo" restricts the build dependencies as well
  • [RTFACT-8483] - Copy gradle dependency definition text does not work
  • [RTFACT-8535] - Artifactory docker container badly shutdown and can't restart again

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-3318] - Looking inside archives: "*.tar" and "*.tar.gz" support
  • [RTFACT-4198] - Export repository from the REST API
  • [RTFACT-4412] - Support LDAP groups association from SSO login users
  • [RTFACT-4723] - On-demand creation of zip or tar to download entire folder
  • [RTFACT-6623] - Provide "Delete versions" to non-admin users having delete permissions
  • [RTFACT-6882] - Create new REST API for exporting a single repository
  • [RTFACT-7112] - Add the ability to pass a user's group membership in HTTP-SSO
  • [RTFACT-7407] - Artifactory cannot proxy the URL
  • [RTFACT-7681] - Add a "Message of the day" enhancement to the UI
  • [RTFACT-7729] - Add tooltips to the admin->advance->storage summary page



  • [RTFACT-6255] - Pagination in a REST API
  • [RTFACT-6484] - Browsable contents of npm packages (.tgz)
  • [RTFACT-7245] - Add AQL support for search criteria by item within an archive
  • [RTFACT-7302] - Enable users with manage permissions to delete versions on the managed repository
  • [RTFACT-7400] - No support for adding dist-tags to NPM packages
  • [RTFACT-7475] - Have the ability to work with Nuget client using ApiKey with anonymous disable
  • [RTFACT-7806] - Add support in AQL for quering builds domain
  • [RTFACT-7983] - Upgrade commons compress library to v1.10
  • [RTFACT-7995] - When applying filter in tree / simple browse a label should be added indicating the applyied filter with an option to remove the filter
  • [RTFACT-8011] - Searching group queries should not always use UID for the Group Member Attribute
  • [RTFACT-8094] - Support downloading entire repository via web UI
  • [RTFACT-8109] - Browsing tar file content

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