Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 4.0.1 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-7632] - Unable to pull docker image from root
  • [RTFACT-7663] - Docker V2 - lookup for layer (blobSum) is not done globally; layers are pushed repeatedly
  • [RTFACT-7745] - Failed to deploy big files from UI
  • [RTFACT-7759] - After successully creating a new object toaster should show indication of which object was created successfully
  • [RTFACT-7783] - build : published module diff path column show path no found
  • [RTFACT-7796] - Error in creating a user when a REST API request is made with anonymous user under specific scenario
  • [RTFACT-7815] - yum upgrade to 4.0 resets group ID and user ID
  • [RTFACT-7849] - Exclude pattern disappears after saving virtual repository
  • [RTFACT-7851] - The tooltip on the grid jumps out every time you hover the cell
  • [RTFACT-7863] - SBT logo - isn't showing in Safari!
  • [RTFACT-7865] - Unable to restore package when package title is set ! NullReferenceException !
  • [RTFACT-7875] - build diff show wrong artifact name
  • [RTFACT-7894] - PSQLException: ERROR: operator does not exist: bigint < character
  • [RTFACT-7896] - Trying to pull from Docker registry fails with NPE at first attempt
  • [RTFACT-7936] - Artifactory docker image documentation does not work.
  • [RTFACT-7939] - Cannot Import Repositories from Path to "All Repositories"

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-6410] - Show normal users virtual repo information


  • [RTFACT-7496] - Add a trailing "/" on the end of the URL in the Tree browser --> Info panel -->Repository path
  • [RTFACT-7626] - Support Docker login when anonymous access is enabled
  • [RTFACT-7735] - Footer response should include whether a custom log is used
  • [RTFACT-7762] - When spinner is working side bar should be accessible to enable user to navigate a way
  • [RTFACT-7763] - Add total counter in grids
  • [RTFACT-7858] - The number of records above the grid appearance


  • [RTFACT-7807] - pull from docker remote should enforce 'library' namespace only when remote points to docker hub

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