Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 4.4.1 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-7651] - Copy of artifacts between repositories with different layouts mangles filenames
  • [RTFACT-8727] - NPM search is broken
  • [RTFACT-8794] - When Docker pull from a virtual repo fails due to missing Deploy permission, docker virtual returns 404 in logs.
  • [RTFACT-8904] - NPE when browsing PyPi simple index of an empty local repository
  • [RTFACT-8951] - Disable sending index files to trashcan
  • [RTFACT-8964] - Docker broken in 4.4.0
  • [RTFACT-8969] - Backward compatibility on Docker repositories on upgrades on version 4.4.0 and above

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-8713] - Ability to force password change on next login / after password expiration


  • [RTFACT-8398] - Test repository replication button should check that the configured repository exists
  • [RTFACT-8549] - Internal users created by SAML, OAuth, HTTP SSO should be able to unlock user profile and generate an API Key after first login
  • [RTFACT-8924] - Do not create new http session when checking user last access time
  • [RTFACT-8926] - Add 'Date' field to Debian Release file
  • [RTFACT-9043] - Apache reverseProxy feature - need to mention minimum version


  • [RTFACT-7114] - Current "Storage Summary" is not relevant for CachedFS, Redundant and Sharding filestors
  • [RTFACT-8900] - Add an option to set internal password and SSH public key for users, using SSO authentication
  • [RTFACT-8920] - Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID is added to non UI requests
  • [RTFACT-8970] - UI support for password expiration policy

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