Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 4.8.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-7218] - Remote caching of debian repo messes with translations files
  • [RTFACT-8210] - Problems with upgrading.
  • [RTFACT-9706] - NPM Remote repository may thrown a 400 if a meta-data resource has expired and the subsequent pull from the remote site fails with a connection time out.
  • [RTFACT-9709] - Artifactory AQL can produce bad queries for MSSQL databases
  • [RTFACT-9817] - docker login "401 Unauthorized" error
  • [RTFACT-9955] - Failiign to download debian repo - Hash Sum mismatch
  • [RTFACT-9995] - ClassCastException in new Pypi convertor/indexer
  • [RTFACT-10003] - Natively support short github external dependency notation in the rewriting mechanism
  • [RTFACT-10121] - AQL prints an error about buildArtifactId that it can't find when populating the JSON object fields
  • [RTFACT-10128] - FindPackagesById doesn't support OData $skip
  • [RTFACT-10161] - Artifactory parses epoch version from Debian control file incorrectly
  • [RTFACT-10275] - Artifactory Docker Image uses java 8 u65
  • [RTFACT-10581] - nuspec targetFramework not considered while installing a nuget package
  • [RTFACT-13801] - CLONE - nuspec targetFramework not considered while installing a nuget package


  • [RTFACT-8676] - Allow triggering index recalculation without admin permissions
  • [RTFACT-9196] - Users with manage permission should be able to trigger Yum Metadata calculation
  • [RTFACT-9764] - Copy to clipboard of a folder inside an archived file
  • [RTFACT-9874] - Vague Warning Message

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