Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 4.10.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-6600] - binary package ships conflicting init scripts
  • [RTFACT-8257] - Inconsistent behaviour when cancelling a Nuget resolution with afterRemoteDownload
  • [RTFACT-10291] - Docker login and docker push returning 500 error validating token
  • [RTFACT-10359] - Promoting with include/exclude patterns will not transfer all the relevant artifacts
  • [RTFACT-10617] - Having authentication in an artifact name causes 404 issues
  • [RTFACT-10648] - The "Fix Checksum" option in the UI for vagrant artifacts is throwing a exception
  • [RTFACT-10656] - Jarsigner on Artifactory Online is not found
  • [RTFACT-11826] - NuPkg Info tab is missing from the tree browser
  • [RTFACT-11829] - Xray addon is not available in AOL Dedicated with Xray
  • [RTFACT-11869] - Exception is thrown when checking the 'filtered' box of an artifact
  • [RTFACT-11870] - When creating OPKG repo the small icon post creation is corrupted
  • [RTFACT-11873] - Using Escaping and $nmatch in AQL throws SQL exception In addition there is no escaping to "%"
  • [RTFACT-11882] - Prune Unreferenced Data will fail silently due to an NPE if there's a file in the root dir of one of the binary providers

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-9945] - Periodic/Automatic clean up of docker images in Artifactory


  • [RTFACT-9351] - Docker tag promotion should support retagging
  • [RTFACT-11893] - Add a short description explaining the order of resolution in remote repository


  • [RTFACT-9790] - Improve maven performance by reduce recalculation of maven-metadata.xml
  • [RTFACT-11880] - Add the "AllowEncodedSlashes On" to the Apache template

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