Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 5.1.0 - HTML format


  • [RTFACT-9109] - Proxy unable to retrieve
  • [RTFACT-10061] - Artifactory UI jumps to the top opening a large repository
  • [RTFACT-12309] - The Last Replication Status is always 'Never ran' on files
  • [RTFACT-13318] - Repositories can report a false warning in the UI when using the blocking feature of XRay
  • [RTFACT-13478] - If a user is already logged in navigating to the login page should display a message that the ${user} is logged in and offer an option to logout or navigate to home screen
  • [RTFACT-13509] - In OSS artifactory, using Internet explorer 11.0.9, disabled package managers are not black&white
  • [RTFACT-13518] - Sharding - Deploying the same file (same checksum) multiple times may delete the binary
  • [RTFACT-13542] - When anonymous is disabled the Help button is missing sometimes
  • [RTFACT-13582] - When switching between repo types after moving repos to 'Included Repositories', the included repositories doesn't reset
  • [RTFACT-13594] - Delete folder collapsing entire tree in simple tree browser
  • [RTFACT-13597] - Multibranch-controller - create repo only when REPO_ACTION=true
  • [RTFACT-13639] - need to update the ha-node.proprties template file
  • [RTFACT-13643] - long delays during login and logout via Artifactory HOME UI
  • [RTFACT-13662] - Upgrading to 5.x from 4.x with S3 and IAM Role fails to include the roleName in the new binarystore.xml
  • [RTFACT-13663] - Deploying artifacts to virtual repositories doesn't have link to it in the toaster
  • [RTFACT-13667] - Switching database using export/import fails due to start due to missing admin token
  • [RTFACT-13670] - Removing 'anything/anonymous' permissions removes Admin Panel
  • [RTFACT-13681] - Copy repository path icon is misplaced
  • [RTFACT-13683] - Impossible to search when the browser is not in full screen
  • [RTFACT-13717] - Upgrading to Artifactory 5 does not convert the endpoint-http-port parameter to the binarystore.xml file

New Feature


  • [RTFACT-13205] - Change default tree order for new installations
  • [RTFACT-13298] - Create a quick actions option in header


  • [RTFACT-13617] - Resolve failed
  • [RTFACT-13623] - NPE when cURLing some puppet get
  • [RTFACT-13624] - Change remote default URL
  • [RTFACT-13649] - 'Puppet' label is missing in Onboarding Wizard
  • [RTFACT-13651] - NPE when trying to deploy self-created package.tar.gz
  • [RTFACT-13685] - NPE when trying to resolve/search from smart remote repo
  • [RTFACT-13689] - Add 'puppet' to repo types in YAML template
  • [RTFACT-13703] - Puppet Info - UI issue when description is too long
  • [RTFACT-13710] - NPE when trying to see puppet info on repo that has exclude option
  • [RTFACT-13711] - Exception when trying to resolve from offline repo
  • [RTFACT-13718] - Error in log when searching from virtual
  • [RTFACT-13719] - Virtual include/exclude configuration is ignored
  • [RTFACT-13755] - If description field has empty string, don't show it in puppet info

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