Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 5.3.0 - HTML format

Change Request

  • [RTFACT-13886] - Issues with npm "Set Me Up" page for scoped packages


  • [RTFACT-9767] - SAML Autocreate does not populate email address
  • [RTFACT-12517] - The [RELEASE] tag may return an inconsistent result
  • [RTFACT-13419] - When using "Set Me Up" for maven the insert credentials doesn't work
  • [RTFACT-13736] - When selecting all properties and deleting them, when they are reindexed the checkbox is still checked
  • [RTFACT-13835] - Git LFS repositories don't work with LFS 2.0.0 using SSH
  • [RTFACT-13842] - When creating repositories via the 'quick setup' the page should be refreshed
  • [RTFACT-13850] - Builds grid is cut off
  • [RTFACT-13866] - When the session is timed out clicking on 'Quick Setup' shows an empty popup
  • [RTFACT-13990] - When creating all the repositories in the on-boarding the UI is not pretty
  • [RTFACT-14020] - Chef package info shows the same data for Platforms and Dependencies
  • [RTFACT-14046] - When going into an existing repository and then trying to leave it you always get 'Discard Changes'
  • [RTFACT-14079] - NPM External dependencies mechanism causes to resources leak
  • [RTFACT-14088] - Artifactory fails to interpret certain Docker manifest configurations
  • [RTFACT-14132] - Login fails when a user does not have the "List contents" permission in Active Directory
  • [RTFACT-14168] - Upgrade process outputs a warning for ha environments even when Artifactory is not ha

New Feature

  • [RTFACT-6873] - Add an option to grant admin rights on a group of users
  • [RTFACT-10062] - Automatically associate a SAML SSO user to a group id in Artifactory if the group id matches a SAML attribute


  • [RTFACT-4437] - Allow imported LDAP groups to be flagged as "root" admin
  • [RTFACT-9736] - Need to know permission targets in Repository -> Effective Permission
  • [RTFACT-9786] - Automatically populate the email address field when importing SAML SSO users
  • [RTFACT-12520] - Improve performance of rendering builds datagrid
  • [RTFACT-12846] - NPM INFO tab is not available in NPM Virtual repo
  • [RTFACT-13816] - Enable usage of hazelcast.interface with a context.url pointing to a non IP URL (DNS record)
  • [RTFACT-13936] - Upon installing a package from NPM local repository, the path can be build from the package.json

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