Release Notes - Artifactory Binary Repository - Version 6.0.0 - HTML format



  • [RTFACT-12378] - Adding a property larger than 900 bytes on MS SQL issues SQLServerException
  • [RTFACT-13367] - Redistributing docker artifacts from a distribution repository results in a failure
  • [RTFACT-15147] - get repository configuration REST api returns an empty string for 'remoteRepoChecksumPolicyType'
  • [RTFACT-15254] - System Artifacts from deprecated global repo 'repo' fail during sha256 migration
  • [RTFACT-15283] - When using LastPass plugin, its autofill feature overrides values in Artifactory's fields
  • [RTFACT-15620] - NPE when checking gpg key on open transaction request
  • [RTFACT-15621] - failing to create _intransit system repo
  • [RTFACT-15653] - Remote docker repositories should support the access_token response field
  • [RTFACT-16010] - Helm repo doesn't index package built by fabric8-maven-plugin
  • [RTFACT-16046] - Fix numerous issues with the Access admin creds not persisted, and adminToken disappearing in certain cases
  • [RTFACT-16051] - Event based pull replications cause a JVM thread leak
  • [RTFACT-16103] - Support custom packed helm packages
  • [RTFACT-16171] - Enabling "Quota Control" can cause for race condition in artifacts deployment and to fail deployment.
  • [RTFACT-16177] - same version plus different build metadata will not create metadata in index.yaml to local helm repository
  • [RTFACT-16203] - Distribute docker image fails when same tag exist in other repo
  • [RTFACT-16236] - Consume Head related to RTFACT-15893 RTFACT-15774
  • [RTFACT-16347] - Access logs were not being added correctly to the support bundle
  • [RTFACT-16390] - Support release bundle searches in AQL
  • [RTFACT-16421] - Event pull replication checkbox is greyed out when using different versions of Artifactory
  • [RTFACT-16467] - Changes made to rules in Distribution Repository do not take effect
  • [RTFACT-16476] - API Keys can be broken after an upgrade to 5.10.x when decrypting and encrypting
  • [RTFACT-16501] - Access Federation - patching config with entity-types-to-sync fails
  • [RTFACT-16508] - Access Federation - PATCH config - cannot add servers
  • [RTFACT-16509] - (clone) Distributing a directory in a Docker repo fails
  • [RTFACT-16524] - Access Federation - group sync does not work
  • [RTFACT-16533] - Access Federation - Tokens - from * is not working
  • [RTFACT-16625] - Unable to upgrade Artifactory is it has user with upper case letters
  • [RTFACT-16626] - Replicator restart script passes wrong home dir to replicator
  • [RTFACT-16644] - replicator doesn't print out it's version in production environment
  • [RTFACT-16671] - Change Helm set me up text to reflect Helm client 2.9.0 changes
  • [RTFACT-16725] - Got 403 forbidden error when connect remote npm repo to another artifactory instance.
  • [RTFACT-16969] - CLONE Distributing a docker build to Bintray fails with REST API

New Feature


  • [RTFACT-16664] - lower log level for failed insertion to BlobInfo table


  • [RTFACT-13791] - Gather more meaningful error information for the BinaryStoreErrorNotificationJob
  • [RTFACT-16107] - Rename and improve artifactory - replicator scripting names.
  • [RTFACT-16128] - Monitor changes to replicator.artifactory.yaml
  • [RTFACT-16149] - close release bundle - 409 response for "transaction already closed"
  • [RTFACT-16316] - Verify all target repos exists on start transaction (Start Release Bundle Transaction API)
  • [RTFACT-16319] - Log level simple support on replicator


  • [RTFACT-13090] - Support for NuGet with SemVer 2.0
  • [RTFACT-16045] - Access won't swap old admin creds with new ones on a secondary node during upgrade
  • [RTFACT-16261] - Limit the number of event based pull replication subscribers
  • [RTFACT-16262] - UI block pull replications should now also block the event based pull replication subscription
  • [RTFACT-16320] - NuGet3 - Local Repo
  • [RTFACT-16321] - NuGet3 - Remote Repo
  • [RTFACT-16322] - NuGet3 - Virtual Repo
  • [RTFACT-16336] - New Debian by-hash indices may get purged post calculation
  • [RTFACT-16418] - Add proxy configuration for Replicator

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